Complete Identity Cases

Driving your security forward

From internal informative and decorative materials like brochures and posters to external promotional materials like folders, banners, and PowerPoints. Everything done in the same consisting style but with enough variation to keep the identity alive.

The logo must be in harmony with the company, the people who work there, and the services or products they offer. Most employees at Riscure are young tech professionals from diverse nationalities. They work in a very exciting dynamic business that is changing day by day, following developments to and find solutions to stay one step ahead of the dangers that come with complex electronic systems.

The Riscure logo is modern yet timeless, simple yet interesting enough to be remembered. Its geometric shapes gives it a somewhat technical and trustworthy feel. It's young but professional.

Branding is not a label you put on a company. It's the people who are behind the brand who resonate the companies core values. With over 100 employees it helps to keep these values alive by writing them on the wall.

With a branded PowerPoint template every employee can create its own presentation.

After some years the 'r' in the riscure logo became recognizable enough to use as a stand-alone element in small places like an email footer.


Circles have become an important part of the Riscure visual identity. They bind everything together and make every media instantly recognizable. Even without using the logo.

Riscure helps secure complicated electronic systems. To do that they often have to break them first to be able to create a fitting safety feature.

The different parts of circles seemingly turning around each other are inspired by the inside of mechanical locks and represent the breaking and securing (unlock and lock) of the system.

With online animations, we literally turn the circles.
Start screen for a 'Quick Start Guide' on how to use the ON24 webinar platform

Riscure Training Academy has it's own logo in dark and light blue color to distinguish itself from other services and tools.

Using circles doesn't mean we have to see them everywhere or completely. Many times it has even more impact to show only a part of a circle.

Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh
Just to be sure

Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh is an independent law firm based in Rotterdam specialized in litigation and corporate law.

The logo is based on a loop which gives a feeling of continuity. It represents what the company does for its clients; helping them to overcome legal issues so they can focus on their daily business.

Anouncement on Linkedin

The website has a lot to tell and therefore the focus has been on being as informative as possible. To quickly find what you look for but at the same time get a good feel of the company and the people behind it.

Desktop, tablet, and phone each have their own optimized layout to adapt to whatever platform or device you are using.

Bold use of the corporate red and blue combined with the loop creates very strong recognizability in business cards and advertising.

With An A4 branded PowerPoint template the client can make its own newsletter.


Seminar state support & paid football

Follow up 'Mailchimp' newsletter on the seminar

Reminder on Linkedin

Christmas event

'Save the date' for the employees christmas diner

Christmas greetingcard front and back whith an additional blue-silver pantone colour for the back side.

Animated card to send by mail and social media

Maître Cooks Happiness

With this new tagline Maître refreshed their message to the ready meals market. I was asked to come up with the new logo reflecting this message. A smile replacing the 'circumflex (^)' (which is like an upside down smile), emphasises the happiness. It's simple and recognisable,...easy to use in small and big sizes and therefore effectively binds all the media together.