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Branding works best if its implemented consistently throughout the company.  Branding often starts with the logo but the logo is just a part of the total branding or 'visual identity'. Besides the logo I created a wide range of media for Riscure. From internal informative and decorative materials like brochures and posters to external promotional materials like folders, banners and PowerPoints. Everything done in the same consisting style but with enough variation to make each item enough different to keep things interesting.

Riscure helps secure complicated electronic systems. In order to do that they often have to break them first to be able to create a fitting safety feature.

Circles have become an important part of Riscure's visual identity. The different parts of circles seemingly turning around each other are inspired by the inside of mechanical locks and represent the breaking and securing (unlock and lock) of the system.


An independent law firm based in Rotterdam specialised in litigation and corporate law.

The logo, a line which gives a feeling of continuity represents what the company does for their clients: helping them to overcome legal issues so they can focus on their daily business.

Maître Cooks Happiness

With this new tagline Maître refreshed their message to the ready meals market. I was asked to come up with the new logo reflecting this message. A smile replacing the 'circumflex (^)' (which is like an upside down smile), emphasises the happiness. It's simple and recognisable,...easy to use in small and big sizes and therefore effectively binds all the media together.