I am Ron Driessen,
A Dutch brand identity designer in Budapest.

By creating memorable logos, websites, and anything else that represents the company online and in print, I help them to show their audience what they stand for. So they will be recognized and remembered.


Brand identity re-design

Riscure helps secure complicated electronic systems. To do that they often have to break them first to be able to create a fitting safety feature.

The  logo is modern yet timeless, simple yet interesting enough to be remembered. Its rounded geometric shapes give it a modern technical and trustworthy feel.


Circles are an important part of the Riscure visual identity. They bind everything together and make every media instantly recognizable. Even without using the logo.

The different parts of circles seemingly turning around each other are inspired by the inside of mechanical locks and represent that breaking and securing (unlocking and locking) of the system.

Riscure logo and platform

Brand Resources website where information on using the brand can be found and assets can be downloaded

Icons & banners to promote covid awareness and restrictions

Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh

Brand identity design

Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh is an independent law firm based in Rotterdam specialized in litigation and corporate law.

The logo is based on a loop which gives a feeling of continuity. It represents what the company does for its clients; helping them to overcome legal issues so they can focus on their daily business.

Brand Resources website where information on using the brand can be found and assets can be downloaded

Event logo which combines the corporate logo with the number '5' and a wrapper for a book given at the end of the event.

Animated 'Seasons Greetings' on LinkedIn & a printed card.

Central Parking

Brand identity re-design


Brand identity re-design

'We cook happiness' is more than a tagline for Maître. Cooking a wide variety ready meals for supermarkets is what makes them happy and that is felt by their clients as well.

To emphasize the 'happiness' the circonflexe on the 'i' in the logo was replaced with a smiley. The tailor made typeface gives it the right organic and tasty feel. The 'smiley' feels happy in small icon spaces like social media and big spaces like in an expo booth.

Mixture Marketing

Brand identity design


Every brand identity starts with the logo. When I design a logo I try to keep it as simple as possible. Simple is important because it makes it easy to remember and recognized.

To keep it as simple as possible I usually first try to do something with the company name itself, a simple twist in the letters can reflect the essence of the company.


"Ron has always been able to capture all our thoughts and ideas into amazing content from flyers, website, banners, logos and much more"

Bartek Gedrojc, Riscure, Smartek

"Besides his high quality standards, which he will never disown, Ron is the perfect business partner when it comes down to creativity and design"

Rob Westerik, Leefjemerk


Climate change is visibly damaging our planet. Our business used to be one of paper and ink, Not good for the environment, As a graphic designer, I love the feel of nice printed paper,... but is it really always needed?

Lots of printed materials end up in the trash without being read at all. We have many online alternatives now to get our message across. As a Green Brand Designer, I encourage my clients to think about the earth and use online solutions where possible.


As a brand identity designer, I help companies to show their audience who they really are and what they stand for. When I design a logo or website it will look good, but moreover, I will make sure your message will be told effectively. In one consistent style, so you will be recognized and remembered.

I'm home in all the aspects of brand identity design. I started as a print focussed graphic designer and slowly adapted to online media as it came along. Where needed I work with trusted partners in webdesign, concept, copywriting, photography, and business consultancy.

In my 30 years of being a designer I have worked for all kinds and sizes of companies from startups to world famous brands like: Volvo, KPN, Toshiba, Mio, Sixt, Coca Cola, Volksbank, Bosch, MFC, EA, Tomkins, Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh Advocaten, Budapest Bank, Riscure, Dansacademie Lucia Marthas, Maitre, Simacan, Zespresso, Smartek, Zepter, Bonbonetti, Carussel, Dunavox, Netgear, Epson, LeefJeMerk, PridePR, NN.....