Brand is Culture
good design
is good business
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Brand design is about the total experience your clients get when looking at your website or brochure. It's how the message is presented, how the content is placed, how its organised and the corporate language you use. Of course it has to look nice, but more importantly it has to communicate well. Your message has to be told quickly and effectively. In one consistent style. So you will be recognised and remembered.

Weather you are a startup or an established company in need of a complete new identity. In both cases I can help you out with the design or the restyling of it.


Branding works best if its implemented consistently throughout the company. Started with a new logo I created for Riscure a wide range of media. From internal informative and decorative materials like brochures and posters to external promotional materials like folders, banners and PowerPoints. Everything done in the same consisting style but with enough variation to make each item enough different to keep things interesting.

Riscure helps secure complicated electronic systems. In order to do that they often have to break them first to be able to create a fitting safety feature.

Circles have become an important part of Riscure's visual identity. The different parts of circles seemingly turning around each other are inspired by the inside of mechanical locks and represent the breaking and securing (unlock and lock) of the system.

Brand Experience

Before going solo I worked as a graphic designer / art director at several design studios and advertising agencies in Holland and Hungary.

I have created a wide variety of media online and in print for bigger and smaller brands like Volvo, KPN, Toshiba, Mio, Sixt, Coca Cola, Volksbank, Bosch, MFC, EA, Tomkins, Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh Advocaten, Budapest Bank, Riscure, Dansacademie Lucia Marthas, Zespresso, Zepter, Bonbonetti, Carussel, Dunavox, Netgear, Epson, LeefJeMerk, PridePR, NN.....


Climate change is here. The earth is in need of a clean up. Our business used to be one of paper and ink. Fortunately we have online alternatives now to get our message across.

As a Green Brand Designer I encourage my clients to think about the earth and use online solutions where possible. Why waste money on a printed newsletter when you can have a professional digital Mailchimp newsletter free and at the same time do something good for the planet?