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Brand Identity Design
Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh
Brand Identity Design
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Design & Illustration
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Brand Identity Design
Graphic Design
Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh
Brand Identity Design


I help companies to show their audience what they stand for. When I design a logo or website it will look good, but moreover, I will make sure your message will be told effectively. In one consistent style, so you will be recognized and remembered.

I have worked for all kinds and sizes of brands from startups to world famous brands like: Volvo, KPN, Toshiba, Mio, Sixt, Coca Cola, Volksbank, Bosch, EA, Budapest Bank, Simacan, Zespresso, Zepter, Bonbonetti, Netgear, Epson...


Climate change is visibly damaging our planet. Our business used to be one of paper and ink, Not good for the environment, love the feel of nice paper,... but is it really always needed?

Lots of printed materials end up in the trash without being read at all. We have many online alternatives now to get our message across. I encourage my clients to think about the earth and use online solutions where possible.

Clients Say:

"Ron has always been able to capture all our thoughts and ideas into amazing content from flyers, website, banners, logos and much more"

Bartek Gedrojc, Riscure, Smartek

"Besides his high quality standards, which he will never disown, Ron is the perfect business partner when it comes down to creativity and design"

Rob Westerik, Leefjemerk


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